How to fix MX Player Audio Format A/ C 3 is Not Supported Error

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This guide will show you how to fix, “This audio format Air Conditioning 3 is not supported” error. The majority of people are encountering this error when using MX Gamer in combination with totally free streaming applications such as Terrarium TELEVISION. They will try playing a movie or TELEVISION show within the application and notification that the video plays great however there is no sound.

MX Player Problem solved

The reason this error occurs is that MX Player does not support Air Conditioning 3 audio in the codec that comes installed with the application. A codec is a computer system program that compresses and decompresses digital audio for a particular audio file. To repair this problem, you need to set up a different codec that supports AC 3 audio in MX Gamer.

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I have created a shortcut on my server which indicates the most recent stable release and you can get that here You can use this faster way to set up MX Player through popular apps such as Downloader and ES Submit Explorer. TROYPOINT Pointer: Enjoy the above video tutorial for detailed directions and essential details that aren’t displayed in the screenshot guide listed below.

2– Scroll to the bottom and write down the codec type that is being used– in this example it is Neon. 3– Open ES File Explorer (free download in all Android app shops) and launch Download Manager which can be found under the “Tools” category. 4– Download the brand-new codec by including a brand-new source by clicking the “+ New” icon towards the bottom and input the following url based on your particular codec type that you made a note of in Action 2.

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You might also notice that MX Gamer immediately acknowledges the new codec when you release the application and you can also choose it from that prompt as well You will now be able to play Air Conditioner 3 audio files through MX Player and enjoy the sound. Please follow and like us:.

June 3, 2019 by Pramod Kumar In my previous post, I discussed how to obstruct all ads with Adblock Plus in Firefox. In this post, I will talk about how to resolve Air Conditioner 3-DTS Audio Issue in MX Gamer. MX Player offers complete control on video in android. It is finest video gamer for Android smartphones & tablets.

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Because the 1.7.33 upgrade to MX Gamer, lots of users are running into a new problem: there’s no noise in specific videos. In the 1.7.33 release, MX video player removed support for 2 audio codecs: A/C 3 and MLP. MX Player removed these codecs due to certifying issues, it is the matter that MX Player will no longer support A/C 3 & MLP audio formats.

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